Knowledge-based management in public administration

Public actors bear responsibility for producing and using accurate information. We want to be frontrunners in information-based decision-making. It is easier to justify a decision, if it is based on diverse information of high quality and its analysis.

The objective is to improve the visibility of results achieved through knowledge-based management and to share proven tools and disciplines. The project also aims to combine the Government’s joint information resources and to provide analysis services and visualisation of information to organisations.

Join us in revolutionising information management and building a new culture of decision-making. Together, we can scale the benefits, improve the impact of our operations and learn from one another.

Cooperation is key

The project was launched in November 2017 and will continue to the end of 2019.  The project is progressing quickly and efficiently in the spirit of experimental culture. At present, we are conducting pilots on numerous fronts.

During initial stage the Ministry of Finance, the State Treasury, Palkeet, Hansel and HAUS will work in close cooperation. Other actors will join in as the project progresses. The sprint will begin from the central government and little by little expand so it also applies to all municipalities and coming counties.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for steering the project at the strategic level. The State Treasury is responsible for project as a whole and its coordination. All actors taking part in developing knowledge-based management in the public sector will work side-by-side to achieve a common goal.

Network-like activities, sharing of learning, understanding customer needs and working together form the core of the project.